MCE Engineering Capacity List


  • SMX 5000 XYZ CNC Milling Machine

    1930mm x 356mm Bed 1524mm Travel


  • VM 5000 XYZ CNC Milling Machine

          1900mm x 350mm Bed 1500mm Travel


  • DPM Prototrak MX3 XYZ CNC Milling Machine

          1100mm x 300mm Bed 700mm Travel


  • KPV3000 XYZW DRO Manual Milling Machine

          1475mm x 305mm Bed 800mm Travel


  • Kemco 700 Coordinate Measuring Machine (Temperature Controlled Inspection Room)


  • Proturn 350 Prototrak LX2 CNC Lathe

          Centres 1000mm

          Spindle 52mm

          Swing over Bed 360mm

          Swing over Cross Slide 225mm


  • Colchester Triumph 2000 Manual Lathe

          Centres 750mm

          Spindle 54mm

          Swing over Bed 390mm

          Swing over Cross Slide 240mm


  • Colchester Mastiff 1400 DRO Lathe

          Centres 1500mm

          Spindle 90mm

          Swing over Bed 535mm

          Swing over Cross Slide 370mm


  • Jones and Shipman Surface Grinder 1011

          686mm x 279mm Bed

          Longitudinal Grinding Limit 686mm

          Cross Traverse Grinding Limit 305mm



  • Axe & Status 4000mm 250 tonne CNC Press Brake
  • Axe & Status 3000mm x 12mm Guillotine
  • Pearson 3000mm 150 tonne x12mm Press Brake
  • Guifil 2500mm 35 tonne x 4mm CNC Promecam
  • Bandsaws x 2
  • 4ft 6inch Power Rolls
  • 3ft 3inch Manual Rolls
  • Box and Pan Folder
  • Plasma and Oxy/Propane Cutting
  • Stud Welder
  • Spot Welder
  • 2 x Pedestal Drills
  • Bead Blasting
  • 4 x Rotabroaches
  • 2.5 tonne Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck



  • Weld Procedures and Approvals to various compliant standards in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • 10 x TIG Welding Plants
  • 6 x MIG Welding Plants
  • 2 x MMA Welding Plants
  • 4 x Mobile Welder / Generators



  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • BS EN 1090
  • Rolls Royce Nuclear Approval to Quality Grade 2 in line with GS3001


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